Getting into the ANZAC spirit at Rawhiti Estate retirement community
Getting into the ANZAC spirit at Rawhiti Estate retirement community

We’re so proud of students from ATC Avondale campus who participated in the Rawhiti Estate retirement community ANZAC service (, as part of ATC’s community outreach programme on Thursday 11 April.

A day of mana…

ATC’s military prep students honoured the fallen and Rawhiti residents who had served in the New Zealand Defence Force. ATC staffer Corporal Michael shared stories from his military career, the student group led by Haki performed a song that he has composed especially for the event, followed by the School’s haka as the finale.

Two generations came together united with one resident sharing, “You have really made our day and brought spirit into our home,” a 100-year old resident remarking, “I hope I get to see you all come back next year if I am still alive. I don’t get visits very often, but today I feel I just had 100 visits on one day,” and another commenting, “We’ve never had anything like this before, you are all so beautiful – thank you.”

It looks like we’re invited back too, with the Rawhiti manager commenting, “You have really brightened the spirits of our residents; they will be talking about your visit for weeks to come. We want ATC to come back every year. I can’t thank you enough!”

Not only did the residents have a special time — ATC students recognised the importance too, “Thank you staff for choosing us to come today. This has been mean!”

The ANZAC spirit lives on…

Watching the performance, and students and residents spending time together is something we will treasure, with some of the elderly residents, Rawhiti staff and ATC staff moved to tears.

A big shout out to Tammie for connecting us with Megan from Rawhiti, and staff members Eda and Annie for helping the students prepare for the presentation.

We saw such a strong ANZAC spirit coming through from the students, ATC staff and Rawhiti residents alike: endurance, courage, ingenuity, good humour and mateship — all which ATC encourages through its transformative learning programmes.

Lest we forget.