Jodeci Turoa-White: Not just a school, a place to find your future
Jodeci Turoa-White: Not just a school, a place to find your future

Meet Jodeci White. Starting at ATC Military Prep School in May 2018, he has recently finished the Vocational Pathways – Social and Community Services programme (Level 2).

Jodeci always had his thoughts on the NZ Defence Forces, but found out the hard way that he wasn’t prepared for what the military had in store for him when he applied. So, he looked around for help and quickly found ATC.

Jodeci completed high school, but says he spent his time “mostly mucking around and trying to do everything last minute.

“My teachers always told me I needed to focus, I wish I had listened back then. But now I’ve changed.”

Things changed when Jodeci came to ATC. He says, “ATC was a second chance for me. I soon found a place where everyone had similar goals, and we worked together as a team to reach them.

“My motivation throughout the programme was the people next to me – my friends all around me. When you see your mates doing the same thing and pushing through it made me think that I could keep going too.”

Jodeci soon found himself enjoying of the learning style at ATC, finding the vibe of the place and the amount of support around him motivating. From practice tests for the defence forces and PT training to classroom activities, he learnt to not only support himself but also how to give and take support from the people around him.

“The staff at ATC are amazing, they are helpful and patient with us and support us endlessly. The corrective training the tutors use here instils in me a desire for success and it pushes me to many places I didn’t know I could be.”

When Jodeci first came to ATC, he was only thinking about gaining a qualification and leaving as soon as possible.

He says, “I just wanted to complete the programme and gap it. I never thought I would complete this programme and want to keep studying… But at ATC, when you begin, you don’t want to leave. So, now I’m looking towards the new NZ Certificate in Security (Level 3) programme and I can’t wait to put all my effort into it and be the best I can be.”

Jodeci has a few words for those thinking about joining ATC: “I would give the advice – come as you are. Because it will change you. It will really help you and your future.”