Nataliyah Brampton: An Alternative Way To School Studies
Nataliyah Brampton: An Alternative Way To School Studies

Fresh out of ATC’s NZ Certificate in Fitness & Recreation is young star Nataliyah Brampton. Nataliyah joined the ATC family in February 2018 and finished her certificate with eyes set on the future.

Nataliyah says school wasn’t working out for her and that was her motivation on choosing to join ATC Military Prep School.

She found the learning here hands-on and had the full support of her tutors and friends.

“It’s so friendly here, everyone helped me to feel like I was home. I feel like I’m in my own safe space when I’m here. It helps me feel like I’m part of a really big family.”

Nataliyah says ATC isn’t like a regular high school.

“There’s more freedom here, and everyone is here to actually help you. They give us examples that everyone can understand and make sure we know what we are learning.

“Everything they teach me here prepares me for my future. They motivate me, they’re always there to help me, they offer different options if you get stuck and it’s helped pave a way for my future.”

Nataliyah found the motivation to push through the tough days with the help of the tutors and her friends and says Staff Geoff is her main source of motivation.

“He has encouraged me to keep pushing myself to my limits and to keep going. It has helped me through the harder days so much.”

Nataliyah says ATC is for everyone and can help positively change your mindset.

“I definitely believe that my new mindset will help me in the future. This programme encourages you and pushes you to change for the better.”

After ATC, Nataliyah will seek a career in serving New Zealand under the Royal New Zealand Navy. She is confident in what she has learnt at ATC and knows that it will help her get to where she wants to be.