Who can help?

Our student support team are dedicated to making your time at ATC as smooth as possible. Running workshops, providing study support and helping you find somewhere to live, they are there to help you achieve your goals and launch your career.

Recognising that student guidance and support is key to student success, we ensure each student has regular meetings with their tutors as well as student support staff. Academic and personal mentoring from ATC staff includes literacy and academic skills as well as financial advice, budgeting and personal development.

Our team can help you with:

  • Advice and guidance
  • Emotional support
  • Whanau support
  • Attendance
  • Learning and literacy/numeracy support
  • Community services contacts

Youth Guarantee

ATC programmes are funded under the Youth Guarantee scheme.

The Youth Guarantee scheme gives 16-19 year olds zero-fee options for training and education to gain New Zealand qualifications framework from levels 1 -3.

Who is eligible?

To qualify to study under the Youth Guarantee scheme, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a NZ citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Be 16 to 19 years old before the start of the course*

*15 year olds who hold Ministry approved early exemption from their school may also be eligible. This exemption must be in place before the course starts.

Travel Allowances

Travel Allowances are available for students under the Youth Guarantee scheme. This is for students to help with the cost of transport to and from our campuses, by either using public or private transport.

This means if a student uses:

Travel allowances is reimbursed to students to cover their travel costs. This means receipts must be shown to our ATC Student Support staff for this process to begin.

We will reimburse students within a reasonable time after they have incurred the cost.

Student Allowances

A Student Allowance is a weekly payment that can help with your living expenses while you’re studying. What’s great about it, is that you don’t need to pay the money back.

To get a Student Allowance, you need to be either:

  • a New Zealand citizen, or
  • ordinarily resident in New Zealand and either:
  • have been living in New Zealand for at least 3 years while holding a residence class visa, or
  • be a refugee or protected person, or
  • be sponsored into New Zealand by someone in your family who, at the time you were sponsored, was a refugee or protected person.

In most cases you have to be:

  • between 18-65
  • studying full-time

However in some circumstances you’ll be able to get it if you’re:

  • 16-17 or
  • studying part-time

You must be studying either:

  • at an approved education provider in New Zealand and doing an approved course which is either:
  • an undergraduate course (level 7 or below on the National Qualifications Framework), or
  • a Bachelor degree with honours
  • overseas through an approved education provider in New Zealand
  • at secondary school.

For more information on what you can get, or how to apply, please visit Studylink



ATC will provide you with the academic support you need throughout your studies here, and is based on the following values:

Manaakitanga – creating a sense of belonging through respect, generosity and care

Whanaungatanga – building relationships with our learners

Whakamana – learners feel empowered

Our approach acknowledges the importance of Maori values and includes collaboration between the Academic team, the Student Support team and students. It may also include referrals to any specialist external services.

Accessing Support

Academic Support is available for all students to develop their literacy, numeracy and language skills. Support is also available through tutor to student mentoring, group mentoring and peer-to-peer mentoring.  Students are encouraged to, firstly discuss any academic issues they may have with their tutor.



At ATC, we know being ready for employment in your chosen field is a crucial part of that success. Site visits to companies, guest speakers, and internships are some of the ways we help you understand the demands of your industry.

To make sure your studies put you on the path to success, we have developed a range of optional workshops and individual sessions. They include:

  • Targeted workshops throughout your course
  • Training in CV and résumé writing
  • Interview techniques and practice interviews
  • Searching and understanding the job market

Community Services